Get cold hard proof. Start making more money from your ad campaigns.

We like building campaigns that make our clients even more money.

We provide live performance dashboards, comprehensive monthly reporting, analytics and conversion tracking, and data-driven strategies to turn a mediocre campaign into gold.

Total Transparency
As a client, you will see all the information about your campaign. We provide you with a dashboard so you can track your performance live. And you'll always have full access to your accounts.
No Automated Campaigns
We don't believe in the efficacy of automated tools to generate campaigns. We hand-build every single one of our client's ad campaigns, custom-designed just for you.
Conversion Optimization
Start seeing higher conversion rates (and more sales) with A/B testing and optimization of your website. You don't just need traffic, you need sales.

White Label PPC Management Partner

Discosloth provides paid advertising management for agencies, freelancers, and marketing consultants looking for a white-labeled PPC service. We provide custom branded reports & dashboards, and are available on a retainer basis for consulting. We offer custom pricing for our agency partners at a percentage of monthly ad spend.

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