Increasing your organic search engine traffic is an essential part of developing an efficient, profitable strategy of gaining sales and leads for your website.

Including on-page optimization, conversion rate analysis, keyword & industry research, and content writing/generation in our process, we've found that producing high-quality, long-form content is one of the most powerful ways to help your website's organic search engine ranking.

Content marketing's most persuasive feature is that the benefits tend to stick: unlike contemporary SEO fads, which trades quality for quick gains. What keeps companies from pursuing a smart content marketing strategy is that it takes time to see results. It's a long-term process. You might not even see any results for the first 3-6 months, but once it's there, it tends to last.

Increasing Organic by 22%: Case Study

With just a few month's worth of content marketing, we increased a client's organic traffic by 22% in the first six months (a total of 44,218 more visitors!) More details are available in our case study.

We've found that it takes careful research and quality writing to produce content that people want to read. And that's the key: instead of low-quality, high-volume content generation, what will serve clients best is high-quality, low-volume articles that are researched, valuable, entertaining, and shareable. It's not easy or speedy to create this sort of content, which is why it can take several months to start seeing results. But nothing good came easy.

When focusing upon the reader, commonly accepted standards for content go out the window. While some companies try to insert the appropriate ratio of keywords into copy, we believe that gaming the system, even at a simple level, will provide you with lower quality results over the long run. So it's infinitely better to write original, natural-English articles that aren't salesly, packed with keywords, or solely optimized for search engine rankings.

Important things we develop to help your organic ranking:

Properly researched meta descriptions
Structured headings and alt tags
Mobile-friendliness and responsive code
Google Search Console setup
Bing Webmaster Tool setup
Google My Business setup
Proper use of social signals (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
Content Marketing (long-form, high-quality articles)

One of the most important things to pay attention to while improving your search strategy is your site's accessibility. Search engines like Google and Bing place an emphasis on sites that are responsive, mobile-friendly, properly structured for screen readers, and contain thoughtful, well-written code in the backend. A full analysis of your site will indicate which aspects need to be kept, improved, or removed.

Content Creation

Original content is both expensive and rare, but it's becoming more valuable than ever. And it's not something that can be easily generated by giving an offshore copywriter a list of 5 keywords and a 500-word writing prompt. Long-form, entertaining, and informative articles that are well researched will ensure anyone who lands there, stays there.

As we often reference, marketing should make friends, not enemies. For long-term organic growth, we need to be making sure our websites do the same.

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