White-label PPC management services for web & marketing agencies.

We like to increase search visibility for clients, whether that's by using a solid PPC strategy or by using a competitive SEO content strategy.

Discosloth has partnered with agencies across the globe in order to expand their SEM services. Few agencies can afford to hire a full time search engine marketing expert, much less an entire search engine marketing department. Discosloth provides a cost-effective, high-performance solution for diversifying the services you can offer your clients.

Every one of your clients will be well-served by having their organic search rankings increased, and that's where we come into play. We work with agencies on a white-labeled, totally private basis to plan, execute, and report on search engine marketing progress for their clients.

We understand that running a successful Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads campaign isn't as simple as flicking a switch, so Discosloth helps agencies focus on what they do best: providing their clients with measurable results through online advertising. We provide agencies & consultants with a full suite of digital advertising services (AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Yandex, and more) with custom branded reporting and performance dashboards.

Often, traditional marketing & advertising agencies don’t have the bandwidth required to offer pay-per-click services to clients without hiring a full-time position. Discosloth's OEM solution offers agency-branded reporting, analytics, access to live campaign tracking, and monthly retainers for agency consultation.

White Label PPC Management Partner

Discosloth provides paid advertising management for agencies, freelancers, and marketing consultants looking for a PPC and SEO partner. We provide custom branded reports & dashboards, and are available on a retainer basis for consulting. We offer custom pricing for our agency partners at a percentage of monthly ad spend, enabling you to resell our services at a profitable rate.

What other sort of boring work can we take off your hands?

Our boring work doesn't end with PPC. Beyond white labeling AdWords, Bing, YouTube, Yandex, and Facebook Ads, we make sure our campaigns are providing the best value for your customers by working with you to improve landing pages, customer websites, conversion optimization, tracking, and user experience. Our proven & content-focused SEO approach provides stable, long-term performance increases for websites looking to improve their organic rankings.

Personal Management

We don't use automated tools to run our campaigns. Every account is personally created & managed by hand.

Branded & Private

You reports, dashboards, and accounts are custom designed to reflect your agency's brand.

Google & Bing Certified

We're certified with Bing Ads, Google AdWords search, display, video, mobile, analytics, and more.

Interested in partnering with Discosloth to resell digital marketing management?

We partner with agencies all around the world to give them the ability to deliver measurable online results to clients looking for a profitable PPC campaign. Our private-label services allow us to grant this ability to all your clients! Ask us about how our services might be a perfect fit for your agency.