We started Discosloth because we got tired of fancy words & no results.

Discosloth is a marketing consulting firm using analysis and common sense to help clients make smarter marketing decisions.

We consult businesses & agencies in digital advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, marketing strategy, and brand management. We work hard to stay abreast of the latest industry advances: but industry jargon doesn't matter if it doesn't produce results. We started Discosloth to provide clients with that cold, hard proof.

Anya Crijanovschi
Anya Crijanovschi

Anya was born in one of those former Soviet Socialist Republics that no one has heard of, which is probably why she now works from abroad. Before starting Discosloth, she worked in data science and marketing for several international companies. She holds a master’s in advertising and a bachelor’s in marketing.

Gil Gildner
Gil Gildner

Gil was born in a southern US state no one knows about, which is definitely why he’s since visited 40 countries. He spent five years freelancing as a creative producer for organizations across the world (his 25th birthday was spent in a hazmat suit inside a Liberian ebola unit). He holds a bachelor’s in visual media.

Here are the countries we've been hanging out in:

visited countries

Some interesting things about us
• Between us, we've traveled to 45 different countries.
• We speak native English & native Russian.
• In a former life, we produced media on every continent (except Antarctica).
• We're certified with Google, Yandex, & others we've forgotten.
• Anya likes organic smoothies but hates being called a hipster.
• Gil likes Pabst Blue Ribbon but also isn't a hipster.

Would you like to get in touch with us?

You can email us the old-fashioned way at info@discosloth.com, or via social media. We'll be back in touch as fast as humanly possible. If you're interested in working with us, we'd recommend checking out our jobs page. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Instagram. Or chat with us on Skype.