Co-founder & Head Data Nerd
Co-founder & important email guy

Gil leads business development and client management. He is the author of two marketing books (Becoming A Digital Marketer and Building A Successful Micro-Agency). Prior to co-founding Discosloth, he worked in media journalism for NGOs, where he traveled to over 50 countries, wore hazmat suits in Ebola units, and rode Ugandan motorcycles. His marketing-related writing can be found on Twitter. Gil spends his time with Anya’s dog, analog synthesizers, German cars, and reads sci-fi at pretentious third-wave coffeeshops.

PPC Specialist

We’ve been there, literally.

The Discosloth team takes an annual international retreat somewhere in the world. One year it was Egypt. Another year it was Greece. If you want to work with us, send us a holler. We don’t hire often, but when we do, it’s fun.