We usually work with growing midsize ecommerce companies, but we also currently have both Fortune 500 clients and small local nonprofits on retainer! We usually don’t work with ad budgets under $5k a month. However, the sky’s the limit – some of our clients spend millions per year on Google Ads.

We work with Google Ads, Microsoft/Bing Ads, Amazon Advertising, and Apple Search Ads. We do not typically offer paid social services except for limited cases for established customers.

We charge a predictable monthly flat fee. This retainer is based upon complexity of ad accounts, and can scale up or down if scope & ad budget changes significantly. We quote a custom price for each client, as every situation is tailored specifically for your needs. We do have a flat minimum fee for all accounts, which is why we typically don’t work with ad budgets under $5k/mo.

Discosloth is a highly specialized PPC agency working primarily with mid-market and upper tier ecommerce/SaaS clients. We are a low volume, high touch agency with a focus on outstanding performance. We’re unabashedly on the upper end of cost, but you get what you pay for. We think you’ll be happy with the ROI.

Yes. Not only have we managed tens of millions of dollars of ad spend over the years (or more…we’ve lost count) but we are recognized experts within our field. Our PPC books are Amazon bestsellers, used as textbooks in dozens of universities, and have been translated and published abroad. We believe in using & interpreting data in ways that create the maximum ROI for our clients.

We’re specialized in our technical niche (specifically, PPC advertising) but we support a wide variety of industry verticals. We don’t work with websites that violate Google’s content guidelines. If you wouldn’t want to share your business vertical with your grandma – we probably won’t work with it. Here’s the sorts of clients we don’t work with:

  • Anyone who poaches or kidnaps sloths. This is a very serious issue and our mascot feels strongly about it.
  • Anyone who sells expired milk. Have you ever opened one of those bottles?
  • Anyone who is a sketchy law firm. Did you know Better Call Saul is actually a documentary?
  • Anyone who thinks they will get rich overnight. We are confident you will be rich, it just might take a few years.

No, you’ll need your own Google Ads account, so that you can add payment details and fund your own account. We will never control or own your account – that’s your data! We don’t like agencies who hold clients hostage with control of data and accounts. If you ever want to leave, no hard feelings! Take your data and fly off into the wind!

We don’t use automated tools to manage our accounts. A real, live Discosloth manages your campaign directly. We believe in hand-managing our accounts because we believe in providing the best possible results…and automation just isn’t there yet. We sometimes use certain forms of automated bidding and campaign types…but it’ll never be on autopilot. Ask us specifics and we’ll be happy to explain our strategy. It’s smart, but it’s not rocket science. 

No! All of our work is done in-house by a living, breathing Discosloth. We’re a small team and we take pride in our processes, strategies, and deep experience managing millions of dollars of search ad campaigns each year. We endure a lot of blood, sweat, and tears inside your account. No outsourcing whatsoever. 

We set up a custom analytics dashboard within Data Studio, so that you can see live-updated performance metrics like cost per click, number of visitors, search terms, and more: specifically, any sorts of metrics that are important to you. In addition to this dashboard, we’ll provide a comprehensive monthly performance overview on how things went.

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