Paid Search

Discosloth exists for one purpose: creating the most profitable ad campaigns humanly possible. We structure our campaigns – whether on Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or Apple – based on one primary goal: increasing your return on investment.

We only do one thing: PPC. And we’re really good at it, too.

We approach pay-per-click management using steady, data-driven, profitable, and sustainable strategies. We’re hyper-focused on making paid search the most profitable and scalable of all your marketing channels.

Here’s a few ways we’ve helped clients improve their PPC campaigns.


A small beauty & personal care brand with several brick & mortar locations approached us to help improve their online store performance. From May 2021 to May 2022, we were able to double their ROAS, and increase their overall revenue by 2.3x. We did this through using 3 main strategies: implementing better analytics & conversion tracking, performing constant A/B testing on ads/keywords/bidding, and restructuring their campaign and product feeds.

E-commerce, Personal Care

$13,000 to 15,700/mo

Increase revenue & ROAS

ROAS 130% to 259%, revenue $17k to $40k.

In May 2021, before we started running the campaign, the client was spending around $13k a month on ads, with revenue of $17k. After 12 months of working on the account, we had increased the ad spend to $15k and the revenue to over $40k.

Results before we started working on the ads
Results after one year of working on the ads

We started by analyzing current campaign results, focusing on high-converting products, ads, and keywords. Using this data we created new campaigns and tested different strategies. We also added video campaigns, pushed special promo codes, and other strategies to build branding and trust.

It took a few months of testing until we got to a point where we saw a steady growth. Even after a year, we’re still seeing a 5-7% ROAS increase every month.

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A small SaaS client (software-as-a-service) approached us to help improve their user signup rate. Within 3 months, we were able to increase their signup rate by 83.2%. We did this through using 3 main strategies: using past performance to separate the best performing keywords/ads, constant A/B testing on ads/keywords/bidding, and expanding our reach to other countries and separate each of them into a different campaign (US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand).

Online SaaS

Google Ads budget of $60,000 per year ($5k/mo).

Increase amount of user signups.

Increased user signups by 83.2% in 3 months.

Since we’ve started working on the ads, in the first 3 months we were able to increase the budget by 34.9% while the signup went up by 83.2%. The cost per conversion decreased by 26.3%.

A comparison between the first 3 months of management vs the previous period
First 8 weeks of management conversion cost

We had a slower start the first week, with a cost per lead 0f $8.71. By week 4, we were able to drop the CPL to $1.90. It’s always important to keep a longer time horizon in consideration, since it can take several weeks or even months to reach an optimum level of performance.

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We work with anyone from fledgling e-commerce brands to enterprise multinationals, with budgets anywhere from $5,000/month to $5,000,000/year.

Our sweet spot is working with midsize, growing brands to help them make more sales and get more leads.