Paid Search

Discosloth exists for one purpose: to create the best possible PPC campaigns for our clients. We don’t just create better campaigns: our focused experience lets us create the highest-performing campaigns possible with one primary goal: more return on investment.


Intent-focused, high-volume advertising for Google searchers.

Efficient sales-focused campaigns for e-commerce brands.

Cost-effective, lower-volume niche advertising on Bing.

We optimize Google Ads + Microsoft Ads campaigns to help your brand get more sales + leads. Our hands-on process, informed by years of experience in PPC, means that we pay constant attention to your advertising strategy. We focus on one thing: getting maximum ROI from your campaigns.

We’ve worked with everything from fledgling e-commerce brands to enterprise multinationals – with budgets from $1000 per month to $2 million per year.

Our focus is working hand-in-hand with medium-sized businesses to help brands make more sales and get more leads.


Once we start working together on your paid ads, we’ll set up your account – we like to set up brand new campaigns from scratch, using the historical data within your existing account.

This includes creation of the account (structuring ad groups and campaigns), integrating Analytics and conversion tracking, making sure that goal tracking works, and setting up a custom Data Studio dashboard.

Once we get the campaign running, we start optimization. We make strategic decisions based upon the performance and engagement data we glean from Analytics + Ads. We make informed decisions based upon cost, performance, engagement, and other signals, but focusing primarily upon ROI (return on investment).

You’ll be able to see most performance metrics live on your personalized custom dashboard we set up using Data Studio, but we’ll give you even greater insight during our monthly report.


Yes, literally. Becoming A Digital Marketer is used by colleges like University of Texas, Gonzaga University, West Virginia Wesleyan, and more.

We put our expertise to work for you!

What size budgets do you support?

We work with small to medium businesses. We usually don’t work with ad budgets under $1,000 a month. The sky’s the limit, though – some of our clients spend millions per year on Google Ads.

Which sorts of markets and industry verticals do you support?

We work with almost anybody – but don’t work with websites that violate Google’s content guidelines. We recommend reading this support article for more information. If you wouldn’t share it with your grandma, we probably won’t work with it either.

Which languages do you support for campaigns?

At Discosloth, our staff speaks native English, and native Russian, Polish, and Romanian. Even though one of our cofounders, Gil, pretends to know Klingon, we cannot support campaigns in any other languages due to the necessary keyword research & ad writing.

Do I need an existing Google Ads account before working with you?

Yes, you’ll need to create your own Google Ads account, so that you can add payment details and fund your own account. You can give Discosloth access by supplying us with the 10-digit account ID. You’ll see an access request coming from our manager account.

Do you automate your management?

We don’t use automated tools to manage our accounts. A real, live Discosloth human manages your campaign directly. We believe in hand-managing our accounts because we believe in providing the best possible results. We don’t outsource, either! It’s all in-house.

What do you need access to before starting on our campaign?

At a minimum, we’ll need access to your Google Ads account, but it’s recommended that we also have access to your Google Analytics account. If you’ve got an e-commerce store and would like to advertise via Google Shopping, access to your Merchant Center account and your platform backend (Shopify or WooCommerce, for example) is needed.

Do you write all the ads for us?

Yes! We create all search ads (including writing the copy) as well as extensions like callouts, sitelinks, and more. For display and video campaigns, we’ll work with your creative team to produce the best possible quality creatives.

How do I see campaign performance?

We set up a custom analytics dashboard within Data Studio, so that you can see performance metrics like cost per click, number of visitors, search terms, and more. In addition to this dashboard, we’ll provide a comprehensive monthly performance overview on how things went.

Why are you called Discosloth?

The real question is…why not?

We’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Discosloth offers free account overviews and suggestions on how to boost your advertising ROI.