How to leverage Google Merchant Center for competitive advantage

What’s the main complaint Google Ads professionals have about recent changes on the platform? Losing access to search terms, along with other granular insights. We used these tools for analyzing competition, market research, tracking trends, and exploring behavior by discovering which terminology and syntax is used by customers. With PMax, Demand Gen, and the various … Read more

Predictions on Google’s predictive user-based targeting

The original beauty of Google Ads was that you could target intent-based searches…and you could do it without knowing anything about the person searching. The searcher’s private information did not matter. Interests, friends, gender, income, none of it matters when someone is searching for Harry Potter boxed set or long HDMI cable or insurance for … Read more

Book Giveaway

Do you want 4 digital marketing books and 2 bags of locally roasted coffee? Of course you do! We’re pumped to partner with @PPCKirk (aka Kirk Williams of ZATO Marketing) to give away a package to five (5) lucky winners. The loot: Would you like a bag of Onyx (Rogers, Arkansas), a bag of Revel … Read more

How to set up enhanced e-commerce tracking on Shopify with Google Analytics

If you are wanting to track your ecommerce website sales within Google Analytics, you need to create a GA Universal Analytics property (GA4 is not yet supported). Make sure to add your GA tracking code in Shopify. Within Google Analytics: Sign into Google Analytics, and click the Admin icon in the bottom left-hand corner of … Read more