Google Ads Account Audit

Need to audit your ad ROI?

Ads are an investment. Are you seeing the returns you deserve? If not, it’s time to increase your ROI.

With Discosloth’s complimentary account audit, we’ll identify areas to boost your returns: ensuring your ads aren’t just seen, but are converting into sales.

We approach PPC from a money-first perspective. You’re spending dollars on campaigns. You need to ensure you’re getting the maximum return. Every audit (even the free ones) are completed by a real, live Discosloth human. No crappy templates: these audits are the real deal. We look at:

  • Account Structure Review:
    • Account organization and setup
    • Ad group relevance and organization
  • Campaign Settings:
    • Match types (broad, phrase, exact, etc.)
    • Network targeting (Display, Search, YouTube)
    • Location targeting and settings
  • Keyword Analysis:
    • Relevance of keywords to ad groups
    • Performance metrics per keyword
    • Negative keyword optimization
  • Ad Copy and Extensions:
    • Relevance and clarity of ad copy
    • A/B testing status and results
    • Utilization of ad extensions (sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, etc.)
    • Ad copy alignment with landing pages
  • Budget and Bidding:
    • Budget allocation across campaigns
    • Bid strategy evaluation (manual, automated, etc.)
    • ROI/ROAS and cost-per-conversion analysis
  • Performance Metrics:
    • Click-through rate (CTR)
    • Conversion rate
    • Cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Audience and Demographics:
    • Review of audience targeting options (remarketing, in-market, affinity, etc.)
    • Demographic performance (age, gender, income)
    • Exclusions and audience overlap
  • Performance Max
    • Configuration and implementation
    • Assets and creatives
    • Product feed optimization

Feel like your PPC campaigns are more of a miss than a hit? With Discosloth’s free account audit, we’ll delve deep, spot inefficiencies, and chart a path to more clicks, conversions, and sales. Let’s make every penny count!

Our sweet spot is working with midsize, growing ecommerce & tech brands to make more sales & get more leads.

Since 2019, our books have sold over 10,000 copies across the world. With Discosloth, you’ll get a professional audit created by humans at the top of the PPC world.


Think you might be throwing your ad spend into a void? Discosloth is giving away 5 free Google Ads account audits each month.

* We do not work with industries that your grandma would balk at. This includes anything related to pharmaceutical, gambling, substance, or questionable content.