PPC Resources

PPC Resources

At Discosloth, we’re proud to create some of the most recognizable content in the PPC industry when it comes to Google Ads, ecommerce, analytics, agency operations, and digital marketing in general. Here’s some of our works (and works-in-progress!)

Our intro-to-digital-marketing textbook, Becoming A Digital Marketer, is used in dozens of universities across the world!

The Beginner’s Guide To Google Ads is also available in French as Bien débuter avec Google Ads.

Building A Successful Micro-Agency is a guide to starting & running profitable digital marketing micro-agencies.


Where our book came from: the original, free online guide to setting up successful Google Ads campaigns!


Basic answers to common PPC questions like “how do I give you access to this account?” and everything else Google Ads.

Our digital marketing single-page micro-site that almost went viral. Check out our retro 8-bit thing.


Discosloth partners with traditional ad agencies to help extend PPC capabilities.


Discosloth builds dashboards & sets up complex conversion tracking for campaigns.

Discosloth Google Ads Agency

Learn a little bit more about our boutique PPC agency.