How to grant your ad agency access to WooCommerce

When you are engaging a Google Ads agency like Discosloth to run Google Shopping ads for your ecommerce store, you’ll need to grant access to your WooCommerce backend in order to manage product feeds, configure Google Analytics, set up conversion goals, and more.

Within your WordPress admin panel, go to Users and select Add New.

Add username and email (for Discosloth, this would be

Check the box for Send User Notification so that we get an email to set up our account.

Under the Role pulldown menu, select the role. Typically this is Editor or Administrator (depending on how you have your user roles set up, we just need access to edit and configure plugins).

Click Add New User.

Now we should be all set!

You’ll find additional information on account access questions in our Beginner’s Guide To PPC.

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